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Hello Panthers and Sharks!


Home Learning


Here is where your lovely teachers (that's us) will be posting work for you to be doing while school is closed. 


If you would like to share what you have done, please use the class Twitter accounts: Panthers Twitter or Sharks Twitter. You can also contact us by email: Panthers or Sharks.  Please also keep following Trinity TV on our Facebook page.

What we'll be posting...


Every school day, we'll post a three pieces of work for that day: some Maths, some English, and something else. We might also set you some more exploratory and creative tasks. We will also be adding resources to a more general area - this will be for extra learning if needed.


Good luck!


Mrs Parish, Mr Sandle-Keynes and Ms Smith

Summer Term

Year 4 Summer Spellings

Week 11 - 6-10 July 


Transition Week 

Final Lockdown Letter

This week's spellings

Week 11 - 6-10 July 


Deforestation Week 

YEAR FOUR Lockdown Letter #11

This week's spellings

Week 10 - 29 June-3 July


Rainforest Dance week


Our topic work this week has been created by our resident Lady Boogie, the Queen of Jig: Mrs Merrigold-Wood. She says:


Happy Monday!

By the end of this week you should be able to:

• progress from using simple movements and gestures, developing these into a structured, sequenced and co-ordinated set of movements using variables such as direction and speed

• use different dance genres

• move with increased control, coordination and poise, using a variety of actions and gestures

• create, practise and perform movement sequences, using a variety of stimuli

There are 4 sections to the dance, showing different areas of the rainforest, one of which will be you creating your own short motif (don’t worry, I will guide you with this).

Day 5, will be ending with a performance. Piecing all the work together. Please record this in landscape and wear any colourful t-shirt with your PE shorts.

Please then submit your video via the class email (if the video is too large, then try a One-Drive or Goole-Drive link or similar). Any problems, just ask.

Once submitting your video, please could you also confirm if you are happy for me to share this video to this page and to Trinity TV.

Perform with a smile. It doesn’t matter if you make mistakes, that’s what’s so wonderful about dance you are allowed to make them, but do it happily!

Can’t wait to see it! Enjoy!


Mrs MG


Check each day below for that day's video.


This week's spellings


Still image for this video




Week 9 - 22-26 June

Rain forest Geography Week


This week's spellings

Week 8 - 15-19 June

Amazonian Animal Week


This Week's Spellings

Week 7 - 8-12 June

Amazonian Tribes week


Amazonian Tribes

This week, we'd like you to complete a number of activities based around Amazonian tribes.

You will find all the week on Monday's page but you can complete it at your own pace over the week.

Week 6 - 1-5 June

Rainforest Music week



Big Smelling Test!

Still image for this video

This week's Spellings

NB - we won't do a spelling video every week - just get Mum or Dad or Brother or Sister or Dog to test you on a Friday.   

Rainforest Music


We'd like you to spend this week composing some rainforest music.


Watch the video below and the instructions and spend the week composing!


Rainforest Music

Have a look at the video and follow the instructions. The music you will need can be found as follows:

  • Go to 

  • Click on the Sing up at Home tab at the top

  • Scroll down and click the Relaxing/soothing playlist (orange box)

  • Hey Dumba lyrics can be found on the left and the performance track is on the right.


Use this as your backing track to compose and create some rhythmic patterns to using your homemade rainforest instrument (see video). Don’t worry if you haven’t had chance to make one. You can be inventive and find a household object that you can use!

We’d love to hear/see you in action so please feel free to send us a short video clip or some photos of what you’ve come up with.

Rainforest Music introduction

Still image for this video


25-29 May



Hello Year Four,


Half term this week so nothing set for you to do.



On the first Monday back (1st June) the will be a Mega Spelling Test! This will comprise a selection of the words from each group from the first 5 weeks of the Summer spellings (see below). You only need to review your group's spellings. Get practising!



We hope you've been enjoying our 'Lockdown Letters'. For our first one after the break, we'd like to hear from you! Please send us (via the class emails) a paragraph telling us and your classmates what you've been up to (no later than Friday evening, please). We'll put them all together and make a Bumper Lockdown Letter!



Week 5 18-22 May


Mental Health Week


This week, as well as English and Maths, we want you to consider your mental health and the well-being of those around you.

Each day, we'll give you a few activities to try based around the themes of:

  • Worry and anxiety
  • Ways to calm down (managing anger)
  • Resilience
  • Kindness
  • Exercise


Year Four Lockdown Letter #5








Week 4 - 11-15 May

Computing Week


Week Three - 4-7 May


VE Day Week


It's VE Day Bank Holiday on Friday and so we have some activities for you to dip into:

Maths for the whole week with helpful videos can be found here

Week Two - 27 April-1 May


Rainforest Project

Design and Make Week.

This term our topic is the Amazon Rainforest. We normally set this as a home learning activity, so we thought it was appropriate for you to have a go. There are a number of activities for you to space over the week as you wish.

Week One - 20-24 April

Science Focus

EAL Resources