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Hello Panthers and Sharks!


Home Learning


Here is where your lovely teachers (that's us) will be posting work for you to be doing while school is closed. 


(PARENTS: Most of the work will be better if printed off but should be doable from the screen on paper. Some will be split into different challenge-levels for different levels of confidence. We recommend your child starts with the middle one and then tries the harder one if they find it too easy (or move to the easier one if they are struggling). We will try, where possible, to choose things that allow independent working but this will vary from task to task and child to child. Where relevant, will will include answers.)


If you would like to share what you have done, please use the class Twitter accounts:

Also - please keep following 'Trinity TV' on our Facebook page:

What we'll be posting...


Every school day, we'll post a three pieces of work for that day: some Maths, some English, and something else.


We might also set you some more exploratory and creative tasks. 


We will also be adding resources to a more general area - this will be for extra learning if needed.


Good luck!


Mrs Parish, Mr Sandle-Keynes and Ms Smith

EAL Resources