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Holy Trinity C of E Primary School

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Thursday, 7th


To draft a poem using the theme of books.

Look through the powerpoint for today. It is a read through for the first nine pages of Arthur and the Golden Rope.

What do you like/dislike about these introductory pages? Do you find it odd or unusual that the narrator’s most treasured possession is a set of books? Why/why not? What would your most treasured possession be?

What is it about books that make them valued?

On the next sheet of paper, come up with as many different ways to end each of the following phrases as possible.





The Romans left England in 410 A.D.  Click on the link below to watch the video.


Read through 1st three paragraphs on the above page to find out why the Romans left.

What do you think happened next and why? Talk to someone in your family or jot down notes.

England was invaded by the Anglo Saxons. Click on the link below to read through the article and watch the video on who the Anglo Saxons were.


Look at the part ‘Why did the Anglo Saxons come to Britain?’ by clicking on the link below.


Use this section to record the four main reasons why the Anglo-Saxons  came to Britain. Use the title Why did the Anglo-Saxons invade?

 Use the powerpoint to look at the seven Anglo-Saxon Kingdoms map.


At the end of their rule, there was only Wessex left. What Anglo-Saxon Kingdom do you think Stratford would be in? Or London?

If you can ask an adult, you can print off , label and colour in the kingdoms.

Can you remember the Roman timelines? Whilst the Anglo-Saxons were in Britain, the Vikings invaded too, but we will focus on the Vikings after Easter.


Using the timeline cards on the powerpoint, ask an adult to print them off. Cut them up and order the Anglo – Saxon events on a timeline.

Talk to someone as to why you have chosen your order.