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Holy Trinity C of E Primary School

Rooted in faith, we reach for the stars.


Seasonal Changes


We have started learning about the seasons.  What are the seasons?  Watch the BBC Bitesize video called “What Are The Seasons?” to learn more (


Which season is it now?  We have been outside to look for signs of autumn.  We found acorns, berries, conkers, leaves changing colour, fallen leaves and people wearing coats.  We noticed that the weather is colder and that the days are shorter.  Have you noticed any signs of autumn?  Can you see any through your window or find any outside if you have a garden?  Please do not touch berries unless your adult tells you it is safe to do so.  If you can gather or make some autumn leaves, you might enjoy using them to create leaf pictures like the ones below.



Human Body and Senses


We are learning more about our bodies and senses.  Can you find your head, neck, arms, elbows, legs, knees, face, ears, eyes, hair, mouth and teeth?  If not, you can have fun learning the names for these body parts through games and songs, for example, the CBeebies Body Parts song  Can you now create a picture or dough model of your body?  Can you label these body parts?


What are your senses?  Watch the BBC Bitesize video called “What are the senses?” to learn more (  Which body parts do we need for sight, hearing, touch, smell and taste?


If you do not use sight, can you guess what something is?  You and your adult could make your own feely bags.  One person places a selection of interesting objects in a bag.  The other person tries to discover what they are using touch not sight.  Is the object hard, soft, rough, smooth, bendy or stretchy?  If you are feeling brave, you could also test your senses of smell and taste!  Can you work out which food your adult has put on your plate without looking?