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Holy Trinity C of E Primary School

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Week beginning 28th March 2022

Home learning 2021-22

This week we are diving deeper into The Easter Story by Brian Wildsmith.



After reading the story, the children will participate in class discussion about important aspects of the book. This is to check their understanding and encourage them to really think about what they have just heard:


  • Where is this story set?
  • What did Jesus do after he arrived?
  • Why did they give him a thorny crown and shout ‘King of the Jews’ to make fun of him?
  • Why did they crucify him?
  • Do you think they did the right thing?
  • Does anyone know what it is called when Jesus came back to life?
  • What do you think it was called when he went up to be with God?


We will then follow up this discussion by sequencing pictures from the story and then watching this Espresso video about Easter


Later in the week, children will draw story maps of the story and practice creating actions to aid in them remembering the events of the story. You can find a story map template below. 

This week we will also be revising the importance of the prefix 'un', the suffix 'ed' and using conjunctions (and, but, because). The PowerPoint below will take your child through each one.