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w.c. 29.11.2021

Please email Miss Cottrell using if you would like the accompanying White Rose worksheets for these lessons.


Lesson 1 - perimeter of rectangles and rectilinear shapes


Please watch the videos below for calculating perimeter of rectangles and rectilinear shapes.

Perimeter of rectangles

Perimeter of rectilinear shapes

Can you find the perimeter of these rectangles?

Now, try these rectilinear shapes.  You will need to find the missing lengths first, as shown in the video.

Lesson 2 - calculate perimeter


First, try solving the investigation on the PPT below.

Now, please watch the video about calculating perimeter of a range of shapes.

Calculate perimeter

We will be drawing a range of shapes (including rectangles, rectilinear shapes and triangles) on the playground, labelling the lengths of their sides (these don't have to be to scale) and then calculating the perimeter of each other's shapes.  Can you draw some shapes, label their lengths and calculate perimeter?

Lesson 3 - Area of rectangles


Please watch the video below to learn about calculating the area of rectangles.

Area of rectangles

Can you draw some rectangles then use the formula to calculate their area?


If the area of a rectangle is 36cmand one side is 9cm long, what is the length of the other side?



Lesson 4 - Areas of compound shapes


Please watch the video below to learn how to calculate the area of compound shapes.  You may find it useful to draw the shapes out and label the lengths.  This will help you to decide how to split the compound shape into rectangles.

Area of compound shapes

Can you find the area of these compound shapes?  

Lesson 5 - Please practise your times tables and complete the homework sheet (this can be requested from Miss Cottrell using the email address above).