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Week Beginning 11th October 2021

This week, we will start becoming bear experts.  We will use nonfiction books and webpages to learn as much as we can about different species of bears.  In class, we will explore the feature of nonfiction books, including titles, captions, labels, contents pages and glossaries.  When we use online resources, we will remember what we have learned in our computing lessons about staying safe online.  We will go online with a trusted adult to support us.  We will also tell a trusted adult if anything worries us.


At home, you could begin your own bear research.  What do you already know about bears?  What would you like to find out?  Look closely at some pictures of bears together.  You could use the child-friendly search engine - Child Friendly Search Engine for Kids to find some suitable images.  What can you see?  What might this tell you about the bears?


As we learn more bear facts and vocabulary, we will learn to record ideas as notes.  Next week, we will use these notes to create our own non-fiction writing about bears.  Having checked that you feel they are suitable for your child, please explore the videos below together.  Encourage your child to tell you then write three facts about brown bears and three facts about polar bears.  If your child is at an early stage in their writing learning journey, you can support them in writing a simple word for each fact, for example, fish.


Grizzly Bears Catching Salmon | Nature's Great Events | BBC Earth - YouTube

Mother Polar Bear and Cubs Emerge From Den | BBC Planet Earth - YouTube


In our handwriting session, we will continue to practise how to form letters in the n family.  Please see the handwriting page for a practice sheet.