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Hello Year 2,



Hello everyone,

We hope you have all been enjoying doing your home learning but now it's time for you to have little break from your daily schooling and enjoy the Easter holiday. Whatever you do, we hope that you have a fantastic time and keep watching Trinity TV!

After the holiday, we are going to put a project on here for you.  It will have different activities linked to your foundation subjects. 

As part of the project there will be a DT activity linked to Science .

You may wish to save some items for modelling in readiness for the launch of our exciting project:

shoe box or similar size

cereal box

cardboard tubes

yoghurt tubs

egg boxes

plastic bottle (big enough to maybe cut and put things inside)

clean, used tinfoil (or new if you can spare it)

cotton wool

You don't need to collect lots of things or large items - maybe fill a carrier bag of bits that you might be able to use to make a small model.  


Latest News (week beginning 30th March).

A computing lesson has been added (lesson plus 2 Power Points and an optional activity).

A new Science lesson has been added (Food Chains lesson 2 plus an activity).

A new RE lesson has been added (Palm Sunday lesson plus Power point).

EAL activities and links have been added (see EAL section below).  Remember that you can also click EAL on the home page to access useful resources).

A new science lesson has been added (Food Chains  lesson 1 plus Power Points - Food Chains 1 and 2)

Spellings for week beginning 30th March have been added (suffixes).

An RE activity has been added (message wreath).




Monday 30th March - recognising a third

Tuesday 31st March - Finding a third

Wednesday 1st April - Unit fractions

Thursday 2nd April - non-unit fractions

Friday 3rd April - equivalence of a half and two quarters.


Want an extra challenge this week?  Have a look at the daily problems document below from White Rose Maths.


Daily Mental Maths

Keep practising the 2, 5 and 10 times tables and number bonds to 10, 20 and 100.  Try playing the games on TOPMARKS.  If you google, topmarks hit the button you can play games against the clock.  The children have played these at school.  





Monday - Making predictions based on a picture

Tuesday - reading comprehension

Wednesday - roll on the wall - making notes

Thursday - writing a fact file

Friday - exploring similarities and differences between Blackbeard and Columbus

Video (3).MOV

Still image for this video
When the children come into school in the morning they often have questions to answer on the whiteboard whilst we are taking the register. The questions are on areas of maths that we have covered already and the purpose of doing these questions is so that the children can retain the methods that they have been taught. Watch the video and then have a go at a couple of questions from the document below. It should only take your child about 10 minutes to answer the questions but please insist on them showing their working out as in class children who are particularly confident with maths have make avoidable calculation errors through not showing their working out. Apologies for this video arriving on the day before the Easter break but we have been having trouble uploading it!




Keep practising the Year 2 common exception words.  We will be posting up some new spellings to learn on Monday. 


Also, if you are wanting to practise your phonic knowledge or help younger siblings with theirs then there is a daily phonic power point on the Year 1 page. You could play a game to find the sounds in whatever book you are reading at home. For example if the sound is -ea and you read a sentence in your book like this, ' The little boy was about to reach for his big, blue coat.' then you could write down the word reach or tell your grown-up the word/words that you have found. Alternatively, just follow the Year 1 instructions.  Have fun!




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