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Motivational Resources

Dear parents,


We are aware that  many children are finding motivation and concentration while home learning hard.

We’ve got two ideas that might help:

  1. Holy Trinity Reward Stickers.

We have created a set of 15 Reward ‘stickers’ and for every amazing piece of work that you email us – we will send one of these stickers (at random) back. How many of these stickers can they collect? Can they collect the whole set?

NB - You only need send one email a day with all the work on it

  1. Top-TIP Chart

Three of the key behaviours we all need children to exhibit when home-learning are Tenacity, Independence and Presentational skills, so we’ve created a tick-chart of these skills. Many of you will be using reward-charts already, but sometimes children can be more swayed if they know that it is coming from school. Below are 2 certificates which you can use, but you might want to use other rewards (pocket-money, treats, film-nights, etc) instead. You can also decide what to give ticks (or stickers, stars, etc) for – for younger children, 5 minutes of independent drawing will be a good target, whereas older children will need to do more to earn a tick. Use these as you want – whatever works best for your child.