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Three of our dear friends and colleagues are leaving us this summer.  We made a little film to say goodbye, since we couldn't go out and celebrate together.

Staff Leavers 2020

Still image for this video
We are an incredibly resourceful and hardworking team at Holy Trinity C of E Primary School, meet us all below!
Mrs. J. Herrero - Head Teacher
Mr. J. Shuker - Assistant Head and Year 1 Teacher
Mr. A. Hodgkins - Site Manager
Mrs. L. Campion - School Secretary
Dr. A. Dale - Office Manager
Mrs. R. Summerhays - Admissions/Attendance Officer
Mrs. F. Griffiths - Spanish Teacher
Mr. J. Govette - TA & Sports Instructor
Ms. A. Lilley - SEND Co-Ordinator & SLT
Mrs. M. Fleming - EAL Teacher
Ms. J. Smith - Music Teacher and Cover Teacher KS2
Miss. C. Archer - Reception Teacher
Miss N Jenkinson - Reception Teacher
Mrs. S. Davis - Reception Teacher
Mrs. C. Longford - TA
Mr. A. Keyte - TA
Mrs. J. Sinclair - TA
Mrs. L. Musgrove - Year 1 Teacher
Miss M Vallera - Year 1 Teacher
Miss. G. Spollon - Year 1 Teacher
Mrs R. Arshad - TA
Mrs. G. DeHoest - TA
Mrs. R. Ades - TA
Mrs J Minshell - Year 2 Teacher
Ms Cotterell - Year 2 Teacher
Mrs N Clutterbuck - TA
Mr. J. Hunt - TA
Mrs. S. Templeton - Year 3 Teacher
Miss Geear - Year 3 Teacher
Mrs. M. Richards - TA
Mrs. D. Critchlow - TA
Mrs. L. Horton - TA
Mrs. A Parish - Year 4 Teacher
Ms. J. Page - Year 4 Teacher
Mr. Sandle-Keynes - Year 4 Teacher & SLT
Mrs. K. Merrygold-Wood - TA
Mrs. Z. Sozanska - TA
Mr T Dale - Year 5 Teacher
Mr Frerichs - Year 5 Teacher
Mrs. L. Buckley - TA
Miss. E. Smith - Year 6 Teacher
Mrs. S. Walker - TA
Ms. J. Castle - Year 6 Teacher
Mrs. L. Harris - TA