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If you would like the accompanying worksheets for lesson 2 onwards, please contact Miss Cottrell using the email address

Lesson 1 - To solve multiplication and division problems


Look at the word problems on the Word document.  Do you need to a multiplication or a division calculation to solve each one?  Once you have identified whether you need to multiply or divide, use the methods you have learnt over the last few weeks to solve them.


There are also some multi-step problems to try on the PPT.

Lesson 2 - what are fractions and recap of equivalent fractions


Please watch the videos below to revise what a fraction is and what we mean by equivalent fractions.  We find drawing pictures of fractions and shading parts in is a really good way of understanding the concepts.  

What is a fraction

Can you match the fractions to the pictures?  Which are unit fractions?  Which are non-unit fractions?  Can you use the vocabulary of numerator and denominator?  


You could also try to game using the nrich link below.

Equivalent fractions (1)

Can you find the equivalent fractions on these cards?  How do you know?

Here are some problem solving activities if you would like a further challenge.....

Lesson 3 - Investigating equivalent fractions


Please watch the video for today's learning.

Equivalent fractions

Can you start with one fraction (eg. 2/3) and use multiplication to find 10 equivalent fractions?  Remember to keep starting from 2/3.


Lesson 4 - Fractions greater than 1


Please watch the video for today's learning.


Fractions greater than 1

Can you choose a fraction where the numerator is larger than the denominator eg. 5/3 and draw pictures to show that it is greater than 1 whole?  How many wholes do you get and how many thirds "left over"?  This relates to our division work with remainders from last week so your times tables knowledge is also really helpful.  Remember, the line in the fraction means "divide".


If you are confident with understanding the content of the video, try the sorting investigation below.

Lesson 5 - Please contact your class teacher for this week's maths homework and practise your times tables.  You could use TT rockstars, Hit The Button or any other game.