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Please note, although we will be following the concepts of the White Rose videos, we won't be relating it to column method yet.  See below for more detail of the methods we will use.
Addition crossing ten - we are revisiting this on Monday, focusing on drawing the diennes (see worked example below) and relating it to adding the tens and ones separately.  We have talked about one ten being the same as ten ones to help us add up to the total more efficiently.

Addition crossing ten (where the ones digits add up to more than ten)

Subtraction - rather than pushing on to column subtraction, we want to ensure the children's understanding of the concept related to place value is secure. 

For subtraction not crossing ten, we will be using visual representation (drawing and crossing out diennes), relating it to the tens and ones.  See the worked example below.

Subtraction not crossing ten - where both digits in the second number are smaller than in the first.

For subtraction crossing ten, we will initially be working on an unstructured numberline, using our knowledge of "10 less than" then counting back in ones.  This links to our subtraction work on a numberline at the start of last week.  See below for a worked example.  After finding 10 less, the children will draw the small loops then count back along them to find the answer.

Subtraction crossing ten - where the ones digit in the second number is greater than the ones digit in the first number so the above method is not suitable