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Week 2 on time.

This week starts off with the introduction of the 24 hour clock and converting the time between the 12 and 24 hour clock.  If you feel that your child is still struggling with the concept of telling the time to the minute, do more work on that before moving on.

We then move into working with time and finding the differences between two times.  The key concept to remember here is that you are working in blocks of 60 minutes (i.e. 60 = 1 whole) rather than in units of 10 or 100.

Use the interactive clock or a number line to work out your answers.

Telling the time is a difficult concept and it may take time for your child to be confident in working with time.  Please just go at your own pace and keep working at it while doing other things.  Cooking for example, your child could work out what time it will be when the food is ready.  Keep questioning about intervals of time; "Today is Monday, what day will it be in two days time? What day was it three days ago?"