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w.c. 24.1.22

If you would like any of the White Rose worksheets for this week's learning, please email Miss Cottrell using the email address

Lesson 1: Division of 3-digit numbers


Please watch the video below to learn about the partitioning strategies we can use to divide 3 digit numbers.  

Divide 3-digits by 1-digit

We will then move on to using the formal written "bus stop" method to divide 3 digit numbers.  Please watch this video to recap it.

Can you choose some 3-digit numbers of your own to divide by a single-digit number (1 to 9)?  Does it divide easily using the partitioning method or is bus stop method more efficient for that particular calculation?


You might also try the problem solving challenges below.

Lesson 2: Divide 4-digit numbers


Please watch the video below to see how we can use bus stop method with 4-digit numbers.

Divide 4-digits by 1-digit

The bus stop method is the same as with 3-digit numbers.  Can you choose some 4-digit numbers to divide by a single digit number?


You could also try the problem solving challenges below.

Lesson 3: Dealing with remainders


Please watch the video below to learn more about division with remainders.

Divide with remainders

Think carefully when solving word problems that give you a remainder.  Do you actually need to give an answer of one more to include the remainder as well, or does your answer need to be one less.  It all depends on what the question is asking.


Try to solve these word problems on the PPT.

Lesson 4: Assessment


Today, we will be recapping and assessing our learning from the multiplication and division block.  Please use the videos on the following link to recap learning.  

The document below contains some multiplication and division activities to try.