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w.c. 14.2.22

Monday 14th February


Today, you are going to write a piece of dialogue between two characters of the book. Firstly, read the next chapter 'Fingers Crossed' up to 'Smile'. When you're reading, think about Josephine and Tyler. How do you think they are feeling. 

Then, play the slideshow. There's a role-play activity to inspire the writing later on. If you have someone to help you, that would be great. If not, you could try being both Josephine and Tyler or skip the role-play activity. 




Read the rest of the chapter before Wednesday's lesson. 

Tuesday 15th February


There is no English planned today because we're having an Art day in school. But feel free to have an art day at home if you'd like. 

Please find some fun ideas of creating Art with cardboard below. 

Wednesday 16th February


In today's lesson you're going to be writing in a stream of consciousness for 20 minutes. Firstly, read the next chapter 'Two Days Until the Trials'. 

You will carry on writing from the last paragraph of the chapter: 'And it goes round and round in my head and I don't even know why.' 


See the PowerPoint for further instructions. After you've written for 20 minutes, look back over your writing and see if you can improve anything. 


Good luck!

Thursday 17th February


Before you start, read the next chapter 'Lemon Sherbet'. 

We are focussing on paragraphs today. Why do writers use them? Why are they useful? 


Work through the slideshow and see the worksheet for paragraph starters.