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Week 8 (w/c 1.3.21)

Have a look at Mrs Griffith's Spanish lesson on pets and plurals!



To subtract money - video

You may have already printed this sheet off (originally Friday's lesson) so please check!



To give change - video


Maths - no Zoom today

To give change - practice 

Just a short practice sheet today. Please choose from either the easier sheet or the harder sheet. 

For further practice make up your own calculations (adding and subtracting!).




For today's lesson you will need a paper plate or a circle of white paper.



To give change - further practice

There are three different sheets in the document. Choose between 1, 2 or 3 stars. 

Show your working out and the coins you would receive back in coins.



Independent Maths Activity

There is no Zoom today - see Mr Govette's special PE lesson below at 2:30pm!

Today we would love you to make your own menu! It can be specially themed - Star Wars, Harry Potter, Cats! - or it could have a specialty food item (like ice cream or waffles!). Miss Geear used to love going to a CHOCOLATE café and museum when she was younger. 


Make sure to include prices on your menu! We will use these menus in the first week back to practise our new skills! 

Look at Miss Geear's example menu and suggestions on the document below:

PE Zoom with Mr Govette (instead of maths)

2:30pm Friday

Mr Govette is going to be doing a special PE Zoom for Year 3 on Friday afternoon. 

Meeting ID: 760 8416 1905 
Passcode: fsi6wH 





Here are the  links to the music lessons instead of English.  See you all on Monday!!