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TOPIC resources



Between Monday and Thursday - have a look at these activities:


Activity 1

Look at the animal fact files. How are they presented? What headings can you see? How is the information organised? What pictures have been used? Have they used any diagrams?  Which one do you like best? Why?

Activity 2

Choose a rainforest animal – here are some useful websites you can use to help you.

Decide which headings you are going to use for your fact file, e.g. habitation, diet, size and colour, fun facts. Decide what information you need to find out. How are you going to lay out your fact file? Are you going to draw a picture? Print one? Are you going to use more than one picture? Can you get in a chart or grid?

Activity 3

Research your animal and create as many facts as you can. Do not just copy information, try to put it into your own words. If you do not know the meaning of a word, then use a dictionary.

Activity 4

Create your animal fact file. Remember to think about your presentation. Use a ruler, draw grid lines if you need too, make sure your handwriting is neat (or type onto a computer). Take pride in your work.