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WB 24/01/22

Monday 24th January 2022

Tuesday 25th January 2022

Wednesday 26th January 2022


Slow Write 

Children will be writing a motivational speech as Ernest Shackleton to the rest of his crew, motivating his crew to carry on their expedition following "Endurance Stuck". Using the examples given on Monday and Tuesday (available under the headings for these days) as inspiration children should use the slow write technique to write five lines for their motivational speech. The structure should follow the outline below:


1) Amplification/Repetition

2) Power of Three

3) Anaphora

4) Anecdote 

5) Hyperbole



Children will create a scientific report based on an invertebrate of their choice. Some examples can be found in the file below. Each report should include a classification diagram showing Kingdom, Phylum, Class, Order, Family, Genus and Species of their chosen invertebrate. 


Thursday 27th January 2022



L.O: To draft and edit a motivational speech using rhetorical devices


Children should write a speech as Ernest Shackleton, motivating his crew to continue on their perilous journey to explore the Antarctic despite their trials and tribulations. Information on rhetorical devices can be found under Tuesday. 


Friday 28th January 2022


L.O: To perform motivational speeches 

Children should re-watch the videos of motivational speeches from Barack Obama, Martin Luther King Jr and Greta Thunberg (available on Monday's PPT) considering tone, intonation and body language. If your child is well enough, they could record themselves given their speech and send it to us via class email. 


L.O: To use illustration to show human rights.

Using one of the rights from the UN Constitution of the Rights of a Child (available in the file below), children should illustrate a right of their choice.