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Year 1 Home learning in the event of self isolation


Hello Squirrel Monkeys and Snakes. Unfortunately, if you're reading this it means you are currently at home and not in school. We look forward to seeing you back very soon! In the meantime, if you are feeling fine as it is a member of your family who is unwell, please have a look at some of the home learning options below. These will ensure that you don't miss out whilst you are having to isolate. Happy learning!


You can also use this page to consolidate the learning we do in school at home. 

EAL Resources

Espresso log in details:

Username: student29804

Password: willow

Counting in 10s Part 1

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Counting in 10s Part 2

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Here is a challenge from Reggie.  See what you can find in your house to count in groups of 10,  You might use bundles of crayons or towers of Lego bricks.  Remember to say ty (eg thirty) not teen (eg thirteen) at the end of your numbers!