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Holy Trinity C of E Primary School

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Sculpture Project


Following on from our science work on the human skeleton, we used our new found knowledge to create a piece of sculpture based on the work of the famous artist, Alberto Giacometti.

(1) Mrs Templeton's Giacometti Sculptures preparing for Wimbledon and (2) Benjamin from Marsupials made two Giacometti people enjoying a socially distanced coffee and a chat!  (3) Karter from Turtles enjoyed the activity too.  (4 & 5) Elisa from Turtles sent in two pictures, two dancers and a daring light fitting mountain rescue!  (6) Michael Nita from Turtles has also sent in his creation and looks wonderfully happy with it, as are we!  (7, 8, 9 & 10) Darcey used her sketches to create a whole group of Giacometti people with the help of her family.  She even made one with a wire frame inside the foil too and a dog, after they discovered a video that showed Giacometti's dog sculpture! (11) Evie has also made a Giacometti dog (although I suspect it's Porridge!) who is having a ball thrown for it, tremendous! (12) Alicja is also proud of her creation, and rightly so. (13) Henry from Turtles has taken things a step further and made his own amazing Giacometti sculpture from air drying clay, fabulous. (14, 15 & 16) Florence JB from Marsupials made two pairs of Giacometti people, we love their expressive poses.


Freddie from Marsupials made his whole family climbing a mountain, see the video below. Roberta has also sent a video of three Giacometti figures doing gymnastics.  Poppy M from Marsupials has made her own mini animation containing her Giacometti character, my goodness you are a talented lot!


Still image for this video