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Holy Trinity C of E Primary School

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Please see below for w.c. 20th September 2021.  All other weeks' learning can be found in the dated folders.

Spring Term 2022

Monday - recognise place value in numbers to 1,000,000

Numbers to a million

Please use a grid like the one shown below to practise making numbers with 6 digits, naming them by splitting the number into two groups of 3, and identifying the value of the different digits.

Tuesday - using place value to generate sequences

Counting in 10s 100s 1000s 10000s and 100000s

Choose a 4-digit starting number and generate a sequence by adding 10 each time.  Repeat but adding 100 each time.  Can you generate a sequence that decreases?


Wednesday - rounding numbers within 1 million

Round to 1000000

Can you round the following number, 643,982 to the nearest 10, 100, 1000, 10,000 and 100,000?

Please see the Word document below for some problem solving activities on this content.

The PPT contains some house prices - can you put them in ascending order (smallest to largest)?


Thursday - to apply understanding of negative numbers

Negative numbers

Can you find the temperatures of some different places around the world?  Make sure you find some cold ones too so you have some negative numbers!

Now, practise putting some of the temperatures in order.  

Remember, what appears to be a bigger number is actually more negative!

Can you choose two temperatures and find the difference between them?  It might be helpful to look at the jumps on a numberline, up to 0 and then up to the positive temperature.

The Word document contains some numberlines for you to use to help (you will need to label -20 at one end and 20 at the other, with 0 in the middle).

Friday - to recognise Roman Numerals to 1000

Roman numerals

Can you generate a sequence using Roman Numerals?  Try continuing this one first........


VI         XVI          XXVI         XXXVI        IXVI           LVI       LXVI        


You might find it useful to "translate" them into our normal number system first!


Please see below for a clue card with all the Roman Numerals on that you need to know.