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Handwriting practise needs to be closely supervised by an adult to ensure the children are forming their letters correctly. We use special lines to help us form our letters correctly. Lower case letters usually start and finish on the black line. The blue line shows the height of the short lower case letters. Children should trace over the blue words and then try copying them on the remaining line space. Try to keep your hand relaxed. If it starts to ache, give it a shake and have a short break. Ten minutes is plenty for handwriting practise. Little and often is the key to success!


The order we teach handwriting in year 1:

Handwriting syllabus:

  1. Short and tall, positioning on the lines: i,l,t,e,u
  2. The c family letters: c,a,o,d,g,qu
  3. The n family letters: n,m,h,r
  4. Tails under the line: y,j,f,p,qu,g
  5. Capitals and lower case
  6. Horizontal joins: r,v,w,o
  7. The odd bods: s,x,z,b,k