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Holy Trinity C of E Primary School

Rooted in faith, we reach for the stars.

Week Beginning 13th December 2021

This week, we are learning to write letters.  The Hedgehogs and Voles will be writing letters to Santa.  You and your adult might like to learn more about Santa.  You could watch Video message from Santa Claus for kids: Father Christmas Lapland Finland for children Rovaniemi - YouTube.


How do we write a letter?  To find out, watch BBC iPlayer - Bitesize Daily: 5-7 Year Olds - Teacher Talks: English - Letter Writing.


With your adult, talk about what you wish to say in your letter to Santa.  You might think about some of the ways that you have been amazing this year.  You could also discuss with your adult what to include on your wish list.  Can you use describing words or adjectives to help Santa imagine your perfect present?


If you do not wish to write to Santa, you could write to somebody else of your choice.  This might be a member of your family or a friend.


**If your child is at an early stage in their writing learning journey, they could draw or cut and stick pictures into an outline of Santa's sack.  With your support, they could write a couple of simple labels for the pictures.**