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Wednesday Independent Activity

Today, we come to the 10 times table, using our knowledge of counting in 10s.  Although the children do need to know up to 12 x 10, we have not yet learnt numbers over 100 so 11 x 10 and 12 x 10 can be thought of as "one hundred and ten" and "one hundred and twenty", without knowing the numbers in between, as the children know "one hundred", "ten" and "twenty" and know about combining parts of a number to make a whole.

Below is the White Rose video to watch.  As before, you do not have to complete the worksheet if you are unable to print.  There are practical activities further down this page.


White Rose - 10 times-table

We love the idea from the White Rose video of putting the 10 times table on your stairs or around your house to help practise it!  Once you are confident with counting in 10s in order (10, 20, 30, 40, 50, 60, 70, 80, 90, 100, 110, 120), you could put them in mixed up order too and say which times tables fact matches each number - eg. I step on 30, I say 3 x 10 = 30.

Drawing groups of 10 takes more time but in school we draw a vertical line to represent a tens in the diennes equipment so drawings of tens could be done like this when working out the answers to times table questions.  Many children are able to count in tens and can just use their fingers to support, eg. for 5 x 10, count in 10s until 5 fingers are showing.

Have you got some 10p coins? You could use those to practise the 10 times table - take 4 coins, say the answer to 4 x 10.

Any of the activities from the previous days (apart from the socks from Monday - you would need pairs of gloves with ten fingers in total!) could be applied to practising the 10 times table too.


Below is the Percy Parker video for the 10 times table.  A word of caution about this one!  Percy sings about "add a 0" which, although not incorrect, doesn't reflect the maths behind the 10 times table.  Please make sure your child has understood the 10 times table facts as counting an amount of 10s, rather than just relying on the "add a 0" rule.  When they come to multiply other numbers by 10 later in their school life, they will be in a better position than just thinking x10 means add a 0.


10 Times Table Song - Percy Parker - Just Add A Zero - with animation and lyrics

10 x table

Would you like to practise your times tables some more?  Try the Hit The Button game on the website below, you can choose the times table you use (stick with 2, 5 and 10 for now as that is what we have been practising this week!) and click the answer to times table questions.
Please see below for some problem solving activities for the 10 times table.