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Holy Trinity C of E Primary School

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Over the next two Art lessons, we would like you to recreate Tiger in a Tropical storm in your own way.

We suggest that you create the background first, then create the tiger and then put them together.

You could:

draw and colour 




The background is important - it is a mix of different colour leaves and they are different shapes and sizes.

There are splashes of colour in the painting that your eye is drawn to.

All areas of the background are filled with either leaves or shading. Please watch the video below to help you. The video shows how you can mix colours to create the different shades of green. We love the way the leaves have been scratched to create the pattern of the leaf - if you are painting then perhaps you could try this.

Please note: If you are painting, then you will need to let your background dry completely before adding the tiger.

The tiger could be drawn and coloured/painted separately and then added to the background - this will give depth to your creation.

Have fun! 

You may wish to revisit this video about Tiger in a Tropical Storm.