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Holy Trinity C of E Primary School

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session 4

Today is the exciting part - we are going to begin our story.

Using your plan, we would like you to write part one of the story (please do not go any further).

Part one is to write a setting description of the village.

It might start like this -

A long time ago and far away in the land of India, there was a mystical village that lay sleepily at the foot of the mountains. The animals roamed the land and were tended by the villagers. The sun shone brightly all day and the ground was sometimes dry and dusty. The plants needed a great deal of care and love for them to grow strong and smile up at the sun. In the background, misty mountains rose up like giants and overlooked the land...


Try to include as much detail as you can about the village but please do not describe your chosen characters yet (that will be in another session).


Things to consider:

suitable presentation - would Mrs Minshell and Mr Dale be happy ? :)

full sentences

capital letters and full stops

commas when need for adjectives

an exclamation sentence ( beginning with How or What)