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This week we are looking at 'Time' in maths.


By the end of Year One children should be able to tell the time on an analogue clock to the hour and half hour and be able to draw the hands on a clock to show these times.  So a quick recap is our starting point.  Attached is an interactive clock and sheet of blank clock faces for you to practice on to make sure your child can confidently achieve this target.

By the end of Year Two children are expected to be able to tell and write the time in five minute intervals including quarter past and quarter to the hours and be able to draw these times on a blank clock face. So that is the next step and is re-capped this week before moving onto the Year Three target of telling the time to the minute.  Please do not worry if your child can not do this straight away, the clock face is complex with many things going on at the same time just keep at it little and often and they will get there.