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Wednesday Independent work

Our final data handling topic is exploring block diagrams (which are the precursor to bar graphs - KS2 learning).  These are drawn as vertical blocks, rather than the individual pictures of a pictogram.  Important points to remember are to read off the scale carefully and to ensure the blocks are neatly drawn.

White Rose video - Block Diagrams

Practical Activity - can you use the information from the block diagram to draw the zoo with the correct number of each type of animal?

Can you also answer these questions, either through discussion or writing them on the back of your zoo drawing?

Which animal is the most popular?

Which animal is the least popular?

How many more monkeys than lions are there?

How many more snakes than giraffes are there?

How many animals are there altogether?

Here is the link for an online game, creating a block diagram using fuzz bugs (they are very cute!).  Please note, it is best not to make the game fullscreen as it then asks for a login.  It can be played without logging in by keeping it normal size, not fullscreen.
Please see below for some extra problem solving challenges.