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Thursday Independent Activity

Today we are going to use our learned knowledge of multiplication facts to help us with sharing an amount into equal groups (it is really important to understand that equal means the same amount). If you are sharing an amount equally between people then each person will have the same amount as the others. We also need to understand that if we put the groups back together, then we would have the amount that we started with.

Watch today's learning video and then have a go at the worksheet but remember, if you cannot print then the activities can be done practically (see below).

Spr2.3.1 - Make equal groups - sharing (recap)

This is "Spr2.3.1 - Make equal groups - sharing (recap)" by White Rose Maths on Vimeo, the home for high quality videos and the people who love them.

Let's do this practically smiley

Instead of completing the worksheet, lets do it another way.

Find some object around your home that you can put into groups - your groups need to be an even number (remember that even numbers end in 0.2,4,6 and 8).

You could use;

lego pieces


play bricks


pasta pieces

or anything that you are able to use.

Next get some pots or plates - if you don't have those then you could draw some circles on a piece of paper to create your groups.

You can use the amount and groups on the worksheet. You could carry out your own maths investigation too.

Have fun!