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10 Myths About Your Kids and Social Media

  1. They're addicted to it
  2. They'll be exposed to sexual predators
  3. It makes them socially isolated
  4. They're meaner online than in real life
  5. They're not on it because I told them not to be
  6. They're too young to be online
  7. They share too much private information online
  8. I can monitor them with Parental Controls
  9. They cannot tell who's a predator and who's not
  10. They'll use it to be overtly sexual and share inappropriate images/texts

You can download your own PDF version of this poster at the Parenting Skill website.

Social Media sites have recommended age restrictions for children accessing their sites. It is worth considering these restrictions next time your child visits one of these websites. They may be accessing content you would rather they didn't see!