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Holy Trinity C of E Primary School

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Session 3

Session 3:

Today we would like you to write a letter in the role of Rapunzel.

Your letter will start something like …

Dear horse,

Your letter will end with something like...

From your friend, Rapunzel

Remember to use the list of words that you created yesterday and also t include adjective (we worked on these last week – if you were at home then you will have your list with you. However, if you were in school with us then try your best to remember the adjectives that you used to describe the witch.  Remember that if you use two adjectives to describe a noun, you use a comma to separate the adjectives, e.g. The scary, old witch cackles every time that she snips of my beautiful, golden hair.

In your letter include:

Capital letters

Full stops


Question sentences

An exclamation sentence (remember that an exclamation sentence begins with, How or What).