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Week 3 wc 3.5.21

This week, we continue our fractions learning.



Today, we will be finding one third, splitting shapes and amounts into 3 equal parts.  Please watch the video below to support with learning.

Find a third

Can you find one third of these amounts by sharing them into 3 groups?


9, 12,  6,  15,  30,  3,  18


Is it possible to find one third of 16?  Why/why not?


Try drawing 9 squares and putting a circle around one third of them.  Can you repeat this for some of the other amounts?


In this lesson, we will learn about unit and non-unit fractions.  Unit fractions have a 1 on the top (the numerator), non-unit fractions have a different number on the top.  We will explore unit and non-unit fractions and then sort some fractions according to which group they fit into.

Please watch the videos below to support with learning.

Unit fractions

Non-unit fractions


Finally, we will explore one half and two quarters.  We will look at them in shapes and on strips and see what we notice (they are the same or "equivalent").  Please watch the video to support with this learning.


Equivalence of a half and 2 quarters

Choose one of these amounts of cubes - 4, 8, 12, 16, 20 or 24

First, find one half by splitting them into two groups and counting how many are in one part/half.

Now, find two quarters by splitting them into four groups and counting how many are in two parts/quarters.

What do you notice?


Try this again for one of the other amounts.  Do you notice the same thing?