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Thursday Independent Learning

Today, we finish by using our 10 times tables and counting in 10s knowledge to divide by 10.  As discussed in the zoom, we will know a number can be divided exactly by 10 by whether or not it ends in 0 (and is therefore an answer in the 10 times table).

Please see the video below if you missed the zoom or would like to recap the content.

White Rose video - Divide by 10

Please complete either the worksheet or the practical activity below.  You may find it useful to record your answers for the practical activity in the back of your green book, eg. 10 sweets, 10 ÷ 10 = 1 so 1 sweet for each table

                                               20 sweets, 20 ÷ 10 = __  so ___ sweets for each table

Practical Activity

Please see below for some problem solving activities.  There are also further opportunities to practise in the extra practice folder for this week.