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Project Tasks


The Ancient Egyptians was one of the first civilisations to write down what was happening. Scribes (writers) would write on stone or a material called papyrus (paper made from plant). They would write stories about pharaoh's, myths, battles, and prayers. 


Hieroglyphs (pictures and symbols) is one way Egyptians communicated. The discovery of the Rosetta Stone helped crack the hieroglyphic code because it also had Ancient Greek and Latin writing on there. 


All about hieroglyphs

Hieroglyph Alphabet

Hieroglyph Typewriter

The discovery of the Rosetta Stone 

Cartouche Maker - A cartouche is a name plate that would be attached to your coffin

Make your own cartouche




How many pyramids are there in Egypt? Why did they choose a pyramid shape? Which is the biggest pyramid?

A pyramid is a tomb built by Egypt's pharaohs (rulers) for when they died. It took many years for thousands of workers to build one pyramid. It's a mystery to how they build them, but there are some ideas. Inside each pyramid are hidden entrances and passages. They would even build fake chambers to trick thieves wanting to steal the pharaoh's treasure!


How were the pyramids built? Video

More pyramid information Video

A tour of The Great Pyramid of Giza Video

A4 pyramid net - how big could you make your? Could you use a brown cardboard box or some cereal boxes?

Inside a pyramid - see how they have shafts (mini tunnels) that help get air into the pyramid. 

What will you find in a pyramid? 



Pharaohs were the kings or queens of Egypt. There were 170 pharaohs who ruled Egypt and only 7 of them were females!

Here are just some of the most famous Egyptian pharaohs.


Egyptian Tombs and sarcophagus

Inside the pyramids, dead pharaohs were buried. The burial chamber was decorated with paintings of the dead and their family. A false door was painted on the inside, so the dead person's spirit could come and go as it pleased!


What are the on the walls of burial chambers? Pic 1 | Pic 2 | Pic 3 - could you design your own wall art?

Death mask template

Looking at different death masks

How Howard Carter discovered Tutankhamun?

Explaining mummification


Egyptian Gods