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Holy Trinity C of E Primary School

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Over the next two weeks we will be exploring the life of the notorious Henry VIII - exciting! 

We will be undertaking a piece of non - fiction writing.  If you are at home, you can read the texts and discuss sentences that you might write with your grown-up (feel free to write something if you would like to).

Look at the picture of Henry and discuss with an adult:

 What do you think he was like?

 Is he rich or poor? How do you know?

What questions would you like to ask about him? E.g. Where was he born?

Look at the Power Point about the early life of Henry VIII.

Discuss the information with your grown-up - pick out key facts from the text, e.g. Where was he born?

We will include some sentences that use the conjunction 'when' at the beginning of a sentence or in the middle.  Look at the Power Point, pages 1-7 only (the following pages include information that will be included in next week's  learning).