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Holy Trinity C of E Primary School

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We are going to start the zoom with your annotated drawings.

In the zoom, Mrs Minshell will ask you to share these and to say which verbs you used.

We are going to write sentences using those verbs. We will be writing in the first person – that means you will write the sentences, pretending that you are the pirate. To do this, you will use the pronoun, ‘I’ and the sentences are going to be written in past tense.

If you are not attending the zoom:

Using your verbs from yesterday, e.g. scrub – we would like you to write this word in a sentence showing that it happened in the past.



Yesterday, I scrubbed the deck.

Actions used in yesterday's game:

Scrub the deck

Climb the rigging

Listen to the Captain

Jump overboard

Wash the clothes

Find the treasure

Look for land