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Summer 2 weeks 4 and 5

Day 1 - Making a prediction based on the title - drawing a picture of 'A Midsummer Night's Dream'

Day 2 / 3 - becoming familiar with the story.  Watching a cbeebies video and listening to the story.  (See separate link)

Day 4 - Using adjectives to describe a magical forest setting

Day 5 - Writing a short paragraph about a forest setting using the adjectives from day 4

Day 6 - practical lesson - speaking Shakespeare language

Day 7 - Practical lesson - going outside and collecting items to make a magical potion

Day 8 - writing a list of the items collected to make a potion

Day 9 - Writing instructions on how to create the potion

Day 10 - Go for a walk in a forest, recite more Shakespeare language and use your potion to make someone fall in love...with a minibeast! laugh