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This week, we will be finishing our learning on time and moving on to measures.


Please see below the video for comparing durations of time which was Monday's lesson.

Monday Compare durations of time

Please use the following games to revise telling the time to 5 minutes with your child.  Level one practises telling the time to the quarter hour, level 2 practises telling the time to 5 minutes.

If you do not have an analogue clock (with hands) at home, this teaching clock is a useful online tool that we have been using in school.

Please use this video to introduce the idea of weight and mass, including the vocabulary of heavier and lighter.  You will find some activities involving balance scales (title = compare mass) in your pack.

Wednesday Introduce weight and mass

Thursday's videos involve measuring mass using a balance scale.  Although you may not have one at home, you could use a traditional weighing scale to see how many cubes/dice/stones/pencils have the same mass as an object and use that to compare mass.

Thursday - Measure mass

Thursday - Compare mass

On Friday, we move on to measuring mass in grams.  If you have a weighing scale at home with a dial (rather than digital), please practise weighing items on there and reading the measurement off the scale.  If not, please see below for some activities with example scales to read.

Friday - Measure Mass in grams