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Animals Including Humans


Task 2


What do you already know about skeletons?


Think about your own body and the skeleton inside it.  Move your limbs, wiggle your fingers and toes, shake it all about!


What bones do you know?  You may know the name of the part of the body or you may even know some scientific names for some of the bones.


1. Draw a skeleton on the inside of the outline of the person.  Try and draw as many bones as you can think of.  Work systematically, start at the bottom and work up or the other way round.  Then try to answer the questions below.  If you do not know the answers, don’t worry, we are going to have fun finding out!


2. Why are skeletons important?  Name 3 functions of a skeleton, what does it do for us?


3. Do all animals have a skeleton?  Write a sentence to explain your answer.


Come back on Tuesday morning for the next task!


Task 3 - Investigate!

Look at the following websites to find out about skeletons, joints and muscles.  Remember to take notes!  Introduction to skeletons  Kids Health Chloe and the Nerb  Interactive info and skeleton building  Build your own skeleton – interactive  Energetic American Lady  Just for fun – bones song Delta Rhythm Boys  especially for Poppy H and Roberta - Dem Trombones! Animaniacs What is a vertebrate? What is an invertebrate? Animal Classification video Invertebrate skeletons Build prehistoric skeletons How muscles work Chloe and the Nerb Muscles Long muscles video American


Now that you have carried out your scientific research, go back to your original skeleton and see what you can add.  Revisit the questions, can you improve on your original answers?


Next task will be available on Wednesday.

Task 4


Once you have investigated all these sites, go back to your original skeleton and see what you can add.

Can you now fully answer the questions?


Now you are ready for the challenge...

build your own skeleton or working muscle!


Use what you have found out to build a skeleton out of things you have at home.  Watch the video on Trinity TV (12:00 am Wednesday) to see my attempt.


Below are some documents to help you.

If you can't manage a whole skeleton, how about just a hand?