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Holy Trinity C of E Primary School

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session 1

In school this week, we are undertaking some assessments.

If you are at home then we will get you to complete these when you return to school.

We will be continuing our Pirate Blog next week.

We love reading in school and we want to encourage children to read different types of texts.  If you are at home this week, then it is a great opportunity to practise your reading :)


Today we would like you to choose a text that you have at home (age appropriate). This could be your school reading book that you have taken home.

NB: If you choose to read a ‘big book’ with lots of pages/chapters, then you can choose a section of the book.

Read the text through carefully.

In the next session, we will be asking you to do an activity based on your reading.

Things to think about:

Is the book that you have chosen fiction or non-fiction? Discuss this with your grown up.

If it a non-fiction book, what are the features?

If it is a non-fiction book - do you have to read all of the book? Explain to your grown-up.

If it is a story book, then does it remind you of any other books that you have read? Why?

If it a story book - what made you choose this book?