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Extra videos for learning about finding a part

Before watching today's White Rose lesson, please watch the videos below to help your child link their earlier lessons about subtraction to their knowledge of the part whole model.

Part One of Subtraction and the Part Whole Model

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Part Two

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Part Three

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You could ask your child to use both these strategies (crossing out and a part whole model) when completing the extra subtraction stories below.  You can draw a part whole model together.  If  you do not have counters, you can use any small objects, for example, buttons or Lego bricks.  For each subtraction story, please ask your child to write the number sentence, for example, 6-4=2.


First there were 6 sweets.  Then the teachers ate 4 of them!  Now there are ___ sweets.


First there were 10 monkeys.  Then 7 left to climb trees.  Now there are ___ monkeys.


First there were 9 snakes.  Then 6 slithered away.  Now there are ___ snakes.


Now please watch the White Rose video "Subtraction - Find A Part".  In this video, your child will learn to find part of a group by subtracting.  If your child needs support with question 3 on the worksheet for this lesson, it may be helpful to watch the video below.


A Little Help With Question 3

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The answer is...