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Monday 9.30 zoom Beautiful Oops activity

Here is the Beautiful Oops story that we shared during the zoom.

Beautiful Oops - Read aloud

"Beautiful Oops" by Barney Saltsberg This book is great at helping children think about "mistakes" as beautiful opportunities to try something new.

We are always saying that it is ok to make mistakes.  This is because something good can always come from them, even if it is learning how to do something better next time.  We just have to change the way we view mistakes, turning them into something positive.  This is true with mistakes in our learning or with a smudge, spill or accidental mess!

The activity involves starting with a black dot like we practised in the zoom (you can print one of the sheets or just draw the starting black dot yourself) then turning it into a beautiful picture.  We would love to see what you create so please email them to us to put on the Wonderful Work page, or we may have time to share some of them during a zoom later in the week.

We have also included examples of Beautiful Oops pictures that other children have created.