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Holy Trinity C of E Primary School

Rooted in faith, we reach for the stars.


Activity 1

Using the link below, would like you to listen to the story of Sir Scallywag and the Golden Underpants.

Watch it through more than once and discuss the vocabulary and the events of the story with your grown - up.

Parents and carer's, please monitor your child whilst they are using the internet.


Activity 2

Please watch the Power Point up to and including page 6

We would then like you to choose some items for Sir Scallywag and write them in list (the Power Point gives examples to help you).

Activity 3

We would like you to revisit the Power Point from the last activity and this time, view slides 7 and 8.

We would then like you to choose some feast items for the other characters in the book and write them in a list.

Activity 4

We would like you to revisit the story, using the link above.

Write down the characters in the story.

Can you think of some actions for the characters in the story, e.g. you might stand with your hands on your hips and look proud for a knight.  For the king, you could make the shape of a crown with your hands and hold them above your head.

Try to think of an action for:

 A knight

Sir Scallywag

The king


The Giant


Activity 5

Revisit the story and when you hear the name of one of the characters, do the action that you made up in the last activity.  This will help you to remember the story and the sequence.

Have fun!