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Holy Trinity C of E Primary School

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Seasonal Changes

We have been learning about seasonal changes.  What are the seasons?  Watch this video to find out  (What are the seasons? - BBC Bitesize).  What are the four seasons called?  To help you remember, you could watch this seasons song and join in with the actions (If You Know All the Seasons | Four Seasons Song for Kids | The Kiboomers - YouTube). 


Which season is it now?  How do you know?  You might have noticed the frosty mornings and cold days.  We have even seen icicles and snow!  You might also have noticed the days becoming shorter and the nights becoming longer than they were in the summer.  What has happened to some of the trees?  Can you find any flowers?


During your daily exercise, look for signs of winter.  We would love to see photographs of what you find and how you are enjoying the wintry weather.  Here are some great examples, including some from Mrs De Hoest.

Fun in the Snow

Winter can be lots of fun for humans, but it can be hard for other animals.  Why might this be?  Watch this video to give you some ideas (Science KS1 / KS2: How winter affects plants and animals - BBC Teach).  Warning: this video includes images of predators catching their prey, so please watch it before deciding whether to show it to your child.  You might like to research the different ways animals survive the winter.  How can we help the wildlife that lives near us?