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session 2

We would like you to start thinking about your own story - we will be writing this across 2 weeks ( it will be written in steps).

Before we begin writing our story, you will need to plan.

A sample of a very simple plan can be found below - your plan will need a lot more detail. 

Things to consider:

Your plan will need a beginning, a middle and an end.

Along the lines of the plan, we would like you to draw pictures and write words and noun phrases that will help you when you begin your writing. The plan will be based on the story of Pattan's Pumpkin (see previous learning).


Your story - similarities and differences:

Your character/s will live by the river in a village in India.

They will find a pumpkin (the same as in Pattan's Pumpkin) and grow it.

The problem will be caused by the mythical creature that lives in the mountains (the creature somehow causes a flood).

Your character/s will escape in the pumpkin, taking their family, animals, seeds and saplings with them just like in Pattan's Pumpkin.

You need to decide how long they are in the pumkin and how they find out that it is safe to go back to the land - why did the mythical creature leave/stop causing the problem.

The ending of your plan will show what happens at the end of the story after the flood has stopped - your characters will need to rebuild the land/houses that has been damaged.


Your plan will need lots of consideration because you will be using it to support your writing (we are not ready to write the story yet).

When using noun phrases on your plan, remember to either use one adjective and a noun or two adjectives and a noun - if you use two adjectives then remember to separate them with a comma, e.g. large pumpkin .... large, round pumpkin.