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Week 3 (w/c 18.1.21)



Maths: For the independent activity, we have a practical investigation. You could make your own digit cards to help you with this.  

Maths - Multiplication

Multiplication: Expanded Method

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Find today's PE with Joe:

Or try some yoga (Cosmic Yoga), try Just Dance, go for a bike ride or kick a football around outside.

We need to stay active even more so in lockdown!


Science - Types of Skeletons

Human Skeleton video

Invertebrate and exoskeletons video


Go through the powerpoint to learn about vertebrates, invertebrates and then the types of skeleton: exoskeleton, endoskeleton and hydrostatic skeleton. Make sure you know the pros and cons of each type of skeleton.


Then you can give the activity a go - please feel free to copy it into your book using a ruler if you don't want to print it out.


Maths - Multiplication (Expanded Method Practice)


Maths - Please do at least 4 word problems. REMEMBER: to write your answers in FULL sentences! This is a key skill. You can write the answers and working out straight into your home learning books if you prefer.