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Holy Trinity C of E Primary School

Rooted in faith, we reach for the stars.

Week Beginning 7th February 2022

This week, we will continue to explore the wonderful story called Rocket Says Look Up by Nathan Bryon.  You can hear the story by watching Rocket Says Look Up! - Read Aloud Picture Book | Brightly Storytime - YouTube with your adult. 


We will be learning to understand and use the new vocabulary in this book.  What does Rocket want everyone to see?  What are meteor showers?  Look again at the "did you know" bubbles.  Are there any new words in these sentences?  How could you discover their meaning?  Watch What's a Meteor Shower? | Astronomy for Kids - YouTube with your adult to learn more about meteor showers and to hear the vocabulary that we need to explain what they are.


Please create a picture of a meteor shower for us.  You can use whatever you choose.  Then take turns with your adult to say a sentence about the meteor shower in your picture.  Can you use any of the new vocabulary that you have learned?  Write a sentence to accompany your picture.


*If your child is at an early stage in their writing learning journey, please support them in writing labels for their picture.*

Past Home Learning 2020 and 2021


This week we are going to do all our Literacy through speaking, listening and art. We would like you to watch some more dream time stories. Then try and make up your own 'dream time' story. It will probably have at least one Australian animal in it. We would then like you to record your story through pictures using the style of Aboriginal dot art. Take your time and enjoy this. You have all week to do it. There is a video of Mrs Musgrove attempting this challenge at the bottom of the page. There will be more pictures later to update you on progress!

Day 1: Thinking and Researching

Still image for this video

Day 2: Sketching the Picture

Still image for this video

Day 3 onwards - Painting

Still image for this video

The Final Painting