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This week continue to develop the children's understanding of division.  At the end of last week, you practised division by sharing, eg. 10 shared into 2 groups (10 divided by 2).  This week, the division is done by grouping, 10 split into groups of 2 (10 divided by 2).  You will see that the answer/division is the same whether you divide into 2 groups or groups of 2, but it is important to understand both concepts.

Please use the videos to introduce the learning again then either complete the worksheet or practical activities (drawings can be done neatly in the back of the green book if needed).  Problem solving is provided as an extension for those children who would like an extra challenge.  Please remember, a maximum of 30 minutes independent work after watching the video is ample.

Please keep practising times tables from last week should you have any spare moments!