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Holy Trinity C of E Primary School

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Today we ae going to practise using descriptive language. Let's start by playing a game. Look at the photos below. Choose two or three that have a similar picture - eg. they all have a bridge in. Can you describe one of them using enough detail that your partner (grown up) knows which picture you are thinking about?

Look at the pictures again. Which ones look like the place where the three Billy Goats Gruff lived at the start of the story. Remember their field was bare and stony with very little grass. Now try to find a picture that might look like the lush, green meadow over the bridge. Try and draw what these places look like on your sheet below. Then try to write a sentence to describe each picture. Try to include a conjunction (and, but or because) in each sentence. For example,  'The goats did not like their field because it was rocky and stony.'


Please do your best handwriting and keep your finished work so that we can stick it in your book. Good luck!