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Holy Trinity C of E Primary School

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English w.c. 3.5.21

Activity 1:

Below is a Power Point with pictures of two people who lived in the past.

We have explored the one historical figure - can you remember his name?

It was Blackbeard.  Did you remember?


Take a look at the other historical figure on this Power Point. What do you notice about him?

Discuss the person with your grown-up. Have you any idea who he might be?

His name is Christopher Columbus.


Activity 2:

Try to find out some information about Columbus, using a child friendly search engine such as Swiggle.


Activity 3:

If you find out information about Columbus, discuss the vocabulary with your grown up, including the names of place that are linked with him.


Activity 4:

Write the name Columbus in the middle of a large piece of paper (if you have one) and then around the name, write some key facts that you have found out.


Parents and Carers: Please monitor your child when they are using technology. Thank you.