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Introduction, Links, Timetable, etc

Hello and Welcome to Year Four Home Learning

We’re so disappointed that we can’t all be together in school but hopefully we have planned something that is the next best thing.

Here’s the plan:

Firstly, we have ONE link for all Zooms. No trying to find the right one for the right session – just one. And that is…

(Or via Zoom itself - Meeting ID: 946 1130 5057 - Passcode: Year4#)


We also have one timetable which is the same each day:

9am  Building Maths – This is a short session of recapping previous learning for children who have struggled with Maths in the past. Attend this session if you want to review some Year 3 maths ideas, ahead of the main learning. If you normally work with Memes Howlett or Jameson, then this group is for you.
9:15  Main Maths – This is the main Maths lesson for all learners. We’ll be looking at that day’s topics and teaching new ideas.
9:30 Stretching Maths – here we’re going to be looking at the day’s learning from more complex angles. Stay for this session if you are really confident with what’s been taught and want to stretch yourself.
9:45 Phonics – For children who are part of one of our phonics groups and for those who find spelling challenging.
10am Main English – for everyone – here we’ll look at our exciting new English book.
10:30 Finish Zooming for the morning.
Then      Have a bit of a break and then complete some of the tasks set. You might also be able to have a look at that day’s Science, Topic, RE, etc...
2:15 - 3pm Come back and share your work; ask questions about things you don’t understand; listen to other’s work and tell us how you got on with other learning tasks. This is a drop-in session – stay for the whole thing or just stop for a few minutes.
3:30  Story Time (15 mins)


Please take pictures, etc of your work and email it into us so that we can enjoy what you have done and give you feedback.


The daily links below have resources you will need for the Zoom lessons and other tasks you might want to complete.


We understand that everyone’s home set-up is different, please let us know if you are struggling or unsure what you have to do.


Many Thanks,

The Year Four Team.


If you would like to share what you have done, please use the class Twitter accounts: Panthers Twitter or Sharks Twitter. You can also contact us by email: Panthers or Sharks.  Please also keep following Trinity TV on our Facebook page.